2nd Sundays Art & Music Festival


Popup Concerts

During the Spring & Summer of 2020, before and during COVID- 19 Isolation and Social Distancing, was born a series of “Listening Space” Concerts by our Non-Profit LoveLight Placemaking. Having no 2nd Sundays Festivals to book for several months during the Pandemic left some time to think about more LoveLight Placemaking and “safe” Live Music opportunities. For those who may not be familiar with the term Placemaking- it is a multi faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. It capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness and well-being.

Having booked musicians, events and Williamsburg venues for over 20 yrs, our director, Shirley Vermillion, has a long list of incredible musicians to choose from and an ever growing list of traveling musicians who are hoping for a Williamsburg Booking! On March 1, 2020, after a few months of her partner’s planning and building a listening room in his basement, they had their first House Concert for 55 true music fans! 2 weeks later, all opportunities of listening to live music(one of their necessities in life) disappeared for the foreseeable future! For weeks, their creative/innovative minds were spinning… Once life began to “open” up again, they devised a plan to have some musicians play in Doug’s backyard(he had a 3 acre property) and did several well attended, socially distanced concerts there.

There were several requirements in planning each venue – adequate parking, enough space to socially distance fans and musicians; a pleasant backdrop behind the musicians; shade to help with Virginia summer heat & ability to limit fans to name a few. A good friend (a devout live music supporter and a regular fan at the shows) had been asking the couple to book a band or 2 at her property for several years. She once again offered her backyard for a show! To date a number of soul feeding music experiences have taken place at her 3 tiered, shaded, natural outdoor amphitheater overlooking Powhatan Creek. Following the persistent request of several of her music loving neighbors, Shirley finally obliged them and booked a few front porch/yard concert in her neighborhood and in the lawns of a few friends! 
Rules at the Listening Space Shows are:
BRING Money/Means to pay the musician(s)! $15-20(depending on the musician/ band) suggested minimum donation per adult.

SOCIALLY DISTANCE YOURSELVES(during the Days of Covid) 😉
FEEL FREE TO INVITE other MUSIC LOVING FRIENDS who’ll respect the music and musicians.
Bring Your own chair, blanket, food, drink…